Adult Gymnastics at Synergy Gymnastics London


Our Adults Gymnastics classes run across three venues and are set by ability and experience. We run beginner only classes which are ideal if you are trying gymnastics for the first time as an adult and want to learn how to roll, cartwheel and handstand.

For people that are want to learn more advanced skills like round offs, back flicks and somersaults we offer intermediate / advanced classes.

Gymnastics is a sport that can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone and everyone so at Synergy we aim to provide the right balance of challenge, support and fun.

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Adult Gymnastics facilities include:

synergy gymnastics trampette


Brunswick Park Gymnastics



Apprentice Community Activator Coach

Level 1 General Gymnastics Coach

Teaches: Adults, Gymnastic for All and Tricking

Adult gymnastics

push the limit of what you think is possible

Are you tired of the same old gym routine? Do you want to try something new and exciting that will challenge you both physically and mentally? Look no further than Adult Gymnastics here at Synergy Gymnastics London!

Our program is designed for adults of all ages (16 years plus) and fitness levels who want to improve their strength, flexibility, and overall fitness while having fun and learning new skills. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced gymnast, our classes are tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Adult Class Levels

We categorise our adult gymnastics classes by skill level. This means that classes are tailored to the skills that people are working towards.

Beginner Classes

Designed for those with little to no gymnastics experience, these classes focus on learning the basics, building strength and flexibility, and improving overall fitness. Your first steps into gymnastics will include learning basic body shapes, rolling, jumping on rebound equipment, and working towards handstands and cartwheels.

Intermediate / Advanced classes

For those with some gymnastics experience, these classes focus on refining skills, building strength and flexibility, and learning new techniques.

Prerequisites for this class are:
1. Round off

2. Backflip on sprung apparatus (trampette or fast track)

3. Handstand forward roll

4. Front somersault

Don’t worry if these skills seem daunting or out of reach… start with a beginner class as you will learn the progressions and techniques needed to eventually accomplish these more advanced skills.

How Are Adult Classes Structured?

Classes start with a coach-led warm-up including stretch and basic shapes. Often the session will cover some basic moves using the lines along the floor such as forward rolls, jumps or other movements that are key to learning new skills.

The class then moves onto different progression stations that focus on one or two skills at a time. For instance, if the focus is Handstand there will be progressions that break it down into smaller chunks like body shaping, the lunge, handstands against the wall, L Handstands or exercise that improves strength related to the skill.

In this section of the class you will be able to move between stations at your own pace.

We are also happy for people to use the facilities to focus on their own goals as long as this is done safely.

Adults classes finish with a cool down, stretch and conditioning exercises.

Do you run other classes for Adults?

Yes, we run Tricking classes for adults and Aerial Silks classes for adults.

Do you run Adult Gymnastics Classes near me?

We run adult gymnastics classes out of three venues:

  • Brunswick Park Primary School, Camberwell
  • Charles Dickens Primary School, Borough
  • Thomas Tallis Secondary School, Kidbrooke

Many people from across London travel to our adult classes because there are not a lot of places where you can go and learn gymnastics as an adult!

Camberwell is really well connected by public transport to areas like Peckham, Brixton and Dulwich.

Borough is within easy reach of London Bridge station and is also on the Northern line.

Kidbrooke is a short distance from Blackheath, Greenwich and Eltham.

So if you are around south london area, yes, we do run adult gymnastics near you!

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