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Synergy Social Impact

why does impact matter?

Sport has the ability to make a real difference in people’s lives. This is even more important in communities in inner city London that are affected by some of the highest childhood obesity rates in the UK. 

Gymnastics in particular is empowering to individual people but it also brings the community together.

As Community Interest Company we place importance on not just the performance of our gymnasts but on the life skills that can be gained in the gym. We also provide opportunities for older gymnasts to take their first steps into coaching.

Coaching skills are transferable into other jobs helping make our young people more employable even if they don’t choose coaching as a career.

Read our 2019 report below or view the slides for our latest 2022 updates.

SGC Impact Report 2019

impact measurement

Since joining a Synergy Gymnastics programme, the number of parents that reported seeing the following benefits in their children:

Confidence 70%
Social Skills 35%
School Performance 25%
Self Esteem 48%
synergy social impact
synergy social impact

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