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structured Pre-school

Structured Pre-School classes are aimed at children under 5 and parents / carers that are looking for ‘taught’ lessons rather than Tiny Gym which is essentially a free play session.

Our structured classes are available in two formats – one with a parent / carer assisting throughout and one with the parent / carer watching from the side of the gym during the class.

Both formats are led by qualified coaches who will explain, demonstrate and provide feedback throughout. Gymnasts work towards completing our bespoke badge scheme which focuses on developing key areas of movement and gymnastics skills.

All children are different so there is no set age that we move children up, it is simply based on when children are ready to be more independent. The suggested age ranges are just that; suggested.

– Structured Pre-School: Suggested ages 2 to 3 years / parent or carer assists throughout

– Tumbling Tots: Suggested ages 3 to 4 years / parent or carer is in the gym but watches from the side

To enrol in a structured class for under 5’s click here.

If you are looking for something less structured for your child, check out Tiny Gym which is a free play session in the gym.

Gymnasts are taught ABC's:


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