The Best Trampoline For Gymnastics (2024)

zupapa trampoline for gymnastics

Discovering the best trampoline for gymnastics isn’t just about finding an outdoor trampoline; it’s about unlocking new training drills and skills. Trampolines are a fantastic way to keep children active and improve their gymnastics skills.

Rectangular shaped trampolines are ideal for gymnastics because they offer increased length to practice Tumbling type skills like Round off and Back Handspring, so we have focused only on this type of Trampoline in this article.

Undoubtedly, the best Trampoline for gymnastics right now is the JumpKing. It’s used by thousands of gymnasts around the world including at elite level. The bounce is ideal for more advanced tumbling and their customer service is excellent.

However, a JumpKing isn’t cheap so if you’re looking for something mid range and ideal for both beginners and competitive gymnasts, SkyBound are for you.

Read on to discover the pros and cons of the best outdoor Trampolines around at the moment, based on my 20 years of coaching experience.


Top Pick
JumpKing Pro Series

Runner Up

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10′ x 16′

9′ x 15′

8′ x 14′

Weight Capacity




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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Trampoline for Gymnastics

  • Shape

Rectangular-shaped trampolines are ideal for gymnasts as they provide length and space to perform the greatest range of gymnastics skills. Round and square-shaped trampolines do not offer the same amount of length so whilst they are still useful for basic skills, a gymnast will become increasingly frustrated with the lack of space.

Rectangular-shaped trampolines also generate more bounce, which is why standard competition trampolines are in this shape as well.

  • Safety Features

Safety should be the foremost consideration when choosing a trampoline for gymnastics. Look for features such as sturdy frames, safety nets, and padding that covers the springs and frame edges. A trampoline with an enclosure system provides additional protection, preventing accidental falls.

  • Size and Weight Capacity

Consider the size of the trampoline and ensure it has sufficient space for gymnastic-type skills like cartwheels, round-offs, back handsprings and somersaults. Additionally, check the weight capacity to ensure it accommodates the intended users, and includes enough capacity for growth as your children get older.

There are two types of weight capacities: static and jumping. Pay most attention to the jumping capacity as the static capacity only refers to the maximum weight when people are not jumping. A high static weight capacity might look impressive but isn’t as useful as knowing the maximum jumping capacity.

  • Durability and Materials

A trampoline for gymnastics needs to withstand rigorous use. Look for trampolines made from high-quality materials, such as galvanized steel frames and UV-resistant jumping mats. These materials contribute to the trampoline’s durability and longevity.

  • Bounce Quality

The bounce quality of a trampoline is crucial for gymnastics training. It should provide a consistent and controlled bounce, allowing gymnasts to execute their movements accurately. Look for trampolines with heavy-duty springs that offer good tension and responsiveness.

  • Portability and Storage Options

If you need to transport or store the trampoline frequently, consider its portability and storage options. Look for models that are easy to assemble, disassemble, and fold for convenient storage or transportation.

For many people, portability won’t be an influencing factor as the trampoline will stay in one permanent position.

  • Price Range

Trampolines for gymnastics come in a wide range of prices. Set a budget and consider the features and quality that align with your needs. While it’s essential to find a reasonably priced trampoline, remember that investing in a durable and safe option is crucial for long-term use.

The Best Trampoline for Gymnastics

Top Pick

JumpKing Pro Series


– 10′ x 18′
– Max Weight Capacity 400Ibs
– 124 springs

Let’s dive into the best overall trampoline for gymnastics. JumpKing claims to have the ultimate gymnastics trampoline with its fancy “over-under” spring setup. Happy customers back up the claim, so it seems legit.

Here’s what sets this awesome trampoline apart from the rest. First, it can handle a whopping 400 lbs, making it a heavyweight champ. That means it can accommodate young gymnasts well into their teenage years.

jumpking trampoline for gymnastics

Now, check out the safety net. It’s designed with bent poles that not only keep you safe but also create an illusion of more space. It’s like stepping into a trampoline TARDIS! Plus, the net is securely attached between the springs and the mat, so you can bounce freely without worries.

Let’s talk about the mat. It’s a vibrant green color, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s designed to keep the surface cool even on scorching hot days. The special weave allows proper airflow, so you won’t burn your feet and get blisters. Say goodbye to painful jumps in the summer!

This trampoline is built to last. The frame is made of galvanized steel, so it can handle the test of time. It weighs around 400 lbs, so once you find the perfect spot, moving it will be a tough job. But hey, it will stay strong and give you endless hours of bouncing fun.

Reviewers have lauded the ease with which this trampoline can be assembled, even when undertaken single-handedly.

So, if you want the best trampoline for gymnastics, JumpKing’s got you covered.

Runner Up

Runner Up
zupapa trampoline for gymnastics



– 9′ x 15′
– Max weight capacity 450Ibs
– 88 springs

One of the standout features of the Zupapa Trampoline is its impressive weight capacity. This trampoline is built to accommodate up to 450 pounds, making it suitable for multiple users at a time. This high weight capacity is a testament to the trampoline’s robust construction and high-quality materials.

Parents can feel confident that their children, and even they themselves, can jump and play without worrying about exceeding the trampoline’s limits.

The Zupapa Trampoline boasts a sleek and modern design that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also its functionality. The rectangular shape is particularly advantageous for gymnasts and athletes, offering a larger and more predictable bounce area compared to round trampolines.

This design is ideal for practicing flips, jumps, and other gymnastics routines. The black and blue color scheme is both stylish and visually appealing, ensuring the trampoline complements any backyard setup.

If you have younger gymnasts around the ages of 5 to 7 years old, they may not feel the benefit of the huge size so you may want to opt for a slightly smaller and less expensive option like the Giantex trampoline below.

Best Trampoline Under $500

Great Value
giantex trampoline for gymnastics



– 8′ x 14′
– Max weight capacity 440Ibs
– 84 springs

If you are looking for great quality but don’t want to spend a huge amount plus then Giantex is for you. Giantex is a well-established brand that you can trust and their trampolines are durable.

You’ll get all the safety features you would expect on a high-end product such as the ladder, safety enclosure and thick padding.

The only drawback is the slightly shorter length of 14 feet compared with some trampolines that stretch as far as 18 or 20 feet. This won’t be an issue for younger children but those around 11 or 12 years or older will begin to feel limited by the space. The extra two or three feet are more noticeable when trying to link two skills together like a round-off and back handspring.

Giantex offers two color options: orange and blue. Both look good but not as stylish as other more expensive brands such as JumpKing. But if you’re looking for value for money, something has to give.

Best Premium Trampoline for Gymnastics

Premium Pick
happy trampoline pro for gymnastics

Happy Trampoline Pro


– 13′ x 23′
– Max weight capacity 750Ibs
– 124 springs

Galactic Xtreme is in the business of making trampolines aimed at gymnasts and although they are not cheap, they are well worth the investment. Their rectangular trampoline range extends up to a huge 13′ by 23′ which is possibly the longest on the market though they do offer smaller versions as well as round and square-shaped versions too.

The rectangular option features 3mm thick galvanized steel frames which are comparable to FIG standard competition trampolines. Many reviewers point out that this gives an added feeling of safety and durability.

happy buy outdoor trampoline

The strong frame means that up to 750 Ibs of weight can be supported at once. So although we don’t recommend having multiple people on at once for safety reasons, it does illustrate the quality of the design and manufacturing.

There has been feedback questioning the design of the safety netting as some gaps can appear near the top of the net if not assembled correctly.

However, if you are looking for something on the large side that’s top of the range, then Happy Trampoline is for you. Just make sure you have enough room to fit it all in!

Best Alternative Trampoline for Gymnastics

alley oop trampoline for gymnastics

Alley Oop Power Bounce


– 12′ diameter
– Max weight capacity 260Ibs
– 132 springs

Admittedly we have only been recommending rectangular trampolines for gymnastics so far but for the last pick and best alternative here is a round trampoline 12 feet in diameter.

Maybe you don’t have the room for a large rectangular trampoline or you just prefer the look of a round trampoline. Either way, Alley Oop is one of the best-known brands for outdoor trampolines so it made sense to share our view on their product.

Alley Oop is known for providing a great quality bounce and overall quality of their trampolines. The stitching on the padding is very good and will last a long time.

In fact, there is a lifetime warranty on their trampolines which illustrates a great level of confidence in what they sell.

One drawback is the fact some accessories such as the step ladder have to be purchased separately. However, as a mid-price range product, the cost overall including accessories such as this still won’t break the bank.

Tips for Using a Trampoline for Gymnastics

Using a trampoline for gymnastics requires proper techniques and precautions to ensure safety and maximize performance. Here are some essential tips:

Safety Precautions

  • Always supervise children and beginners when using a trampoline.
  • Clear the surrounding area of any hazards or obstacles.
  • Remove shoes.
  • Check the safety netting and trampoline frame for signs of damage or wear and tear.

Proper Warm-up and Stretching

Before starting any gymnastics on a trampoline, it’s crucial to warm up and stretch your muscles properly. This helps prevent injuries and improves flexibility.

Techniques and Exercises

Learn and practice basic gymnastics shapes suited for trampoline use, such as tuck, pike, and straddle. Follow proper progressions and consult with a qualified coach for guidance.

Maintenance and Care for Trampolines

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your trampoline for gymnastics, consider the following maintenance and care tips:

Cleaning and Storage Tip

Regularly clean the jumping mat and frame with mild detergent and water. Remove debris or leaves from the springs or frame. When not in use, store the trampoline in a dry and covered area to protect it from weather elements.

Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Periodically inspect the trampoline for any signs of wear, loose parts, or damage. Tighten screws or bolts as needed. Replace worn-out or damaged parts promptly to maintain safety.

Replacement Parts and Repairs

If any component of your trampoline becomes damaged or worn out, ensure you can easily access replacement parts or professional repair services. This helps extend the lifespan of the trampoline and ensures its continued functionality.


Choosing the best trampoline for gymnastics must involve selecting a rectangular shape as it provides the most room to practice gymnastics-type skills. Whilst trampolines don’t have to be expensive, I recommend investing in a high-quality trampoline from a well-known brand as they will last for longer and provide a bigger bounce than some of the cheaper alternatives.


Here are some frequently asked questions about trampolines for gymnastics:

Can I use any trampoline for gymnastics?

While any shape trampoline can be used for basic gymnastics skills, it’s recommended to choose a rectangular shape trampoline for gymnastics. These trampolines usually offer better bounce quality and have more length to perform tumbling-type gymnastics skills.

What size trampoline is suitable for gymnastics?

The size of the trampoline depends on the available space and the gymnast’s skill level. For beginners or younger gymnasts, a smaller-sized trampoline, such as 8 to 10 feet in length, may be sufficient. Advanced gymnasts may require larger trampolines, ranging from 12 to 18 feet in length. The largest trampoline we’ve seen on the Amazon is around 13′ x 23′.

Are there weight restrictions for trampolines used in gymnastics?

Trampolines have weight capacity limits specified by the manufacturer. It’s essential to choose a trampoline that can safely accommodate the weight of the gymnast or multiple users if applicable. Always check the weight capacity and adhere to the recommended limits.

How do I ensure the safety of my trampoline for gymnastics?

Ensure your trampoline has safety features such as a sturdy frame, safety net enclosure, and padded edges. Follow safety guidelines, supervise users, and use appropriate safety equipment. Regularly inspect the trampoline for any signs of wear or damage. In-ground trampolines are safer than above-ground but will be more expensive as you will have to build a hole big enough to sink the trampoline into.

Can adults use trampolines designed for gymnastics?

Yes, trampolines designed for gymnastics can be used by adults as well. However, ensure the trampoline has a suitable weight capacity and meets the safety requirements for adult users.