Gymnastics Abbreviations: What Do They All Mean?

Gymnastics abbreviations are supposed to make understanding the sport easier. But there are dozens to remember and if you are new to the sport this guide is a great reference if you get stuck!

This list will help decode the gymnastics language.


ACR – Sports Acrobatics

AER – Sports Aerobics

DMT – Double Mini Trampoline

GFA – Gymnastics for All

JO – Junior Olympic

MAG – Mens Artistic Gymnastics

PRK – Parkour

RG – Rhythmic Gymnastics

T&T – Tumbling and Trampoline

TRA – Trampoline

TUM – Tumbling

WAG – Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

Governing Bodies

AAU – American Athletic Union

AGU – Asian Gymnastics Union

BG – British Gymnastics

CGF – Commonwealth Gymnastics Federation

DTB – Deutscher Turner-Bund (German Gymnastics Federation)

FFG – Fédération Française de Gymnastique (French Gymnastics Federation)

FIG – Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique

FIGA – Federazione Ginnastica d’Italia (Italian Gymnastics Federation)

GA – Gymnastics Australia

GC – Gymnastics Canada

NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association

PAGU – Pan American Gymnastics Union

SAFG – South African Gymnastics Federation

USAG – USA Gymnastics

UEG – Union of European Gymnastics


AB – Asymmetric Bars

BB – Balance Beam

FX – Floor Exercise

HB – High Bars

PB – Parallel Bars

PH – Pommel Horse

SR – Still Rings

UB – Uneven Bars (the same apparatus as Asymmetric Bars)

VT – Vault

Competition Scoring

AA – All-Around

CoP – Code of Points

CV – Connection Value

DD – Difficulty Score

EF – Event Final

EGR – Element Group Requirements

EX – Execution Score

OOB – Out of Bounds

SB – Series Bonus

SV – Start Value

TF – Team Final

Common Gymnastics Moves and Positions

BHS – Back Handspring

BW – Back Walkover

CW – Cartwheel

DLO – Double Layout

DTY – Double Twisting Yurchenko

FF – Flic Flac (another name for BHS)

FR – Forward Roll

FTY – Full Twisting Yurchenko

FHS – Front Handspring

HS – Handstand

LO – Layout

LOSO – Layout Step Out

PK – Pike

RO – Round Off

TTY – Triple Twisting Yurchenko

TU – Tuck

Have we missed any gymnastics abbreviations that should be on this list? If so then let us know and we’ll get it included!


What does AA mean in gymnastics?

In gymnastics AA means All Around. This is the term used in Artistic competitions when gymnasts compete all of the various apparatus for an overall score. In Women’s gymnastics, four apparatus make up the AA competition; Floor, Vault, Uneven Bars and Beam.

In Men’s gymnastics, there are six pieces; Floor, Vault, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Rings and Pommel Horse.

What does WAG stand for in gymnastics?

In gymnastics, WAG stands for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. It’s the most popular discipline in gymnastics and comprises four events.

What does GfA mean in gymnastics?

GfA stands for Gymnastics for All. This is the recreational part of the sport and relates to gymnasts that don’t take part in competitions, or at most low level recreational competitions.

What does SV mean in gymnastics?

In gymnastics, SV means Start Value. SV is used to calculate the difficulty of a gymnast’s routine by adding the value assigned by the FIG to each skill. There can also be bonus values added to routines if specific combinations are performed.