Home Gymnastics Equipment UK (buyers guide)

If you are based in the UK but need gymnastics equipment for home use, there are plenty of choices. Some major equipment brands are based in the UK, whilst others are US companies with a global reach.

In this article, I will give you a rundown of the brands I would recommend for home gymnastics equipment in the UK. Because I am based in London, these recommendations are based on the actual equipment I use in professional gymnastics facilities here in the UK.

Let’s get into this!

home gymnastics equipment UK

What do I need for gymnastics at home?

Recreational gymnasts and people doing gymnastics just for fun will usually have the following items at home:

  • Bars
  • Beam
  • Inflatable Air track
  • Mats

Most people are restricted by space at home so they won’t have everything and will prioritize their equipment by what they need the most.

For example, balance beams are great at home, but only girls compete on the beam so boys might prioritize something else.

There are lots of accessories for gymnastics at home such as pull-up bars, paralletes, sliders and resistance bands. These types of accessories often help improve strength or flexibility at home which is an essential factor in being able to succeed in the sport.

Gymnastics Bars for Home Use UK

If you are looking for a high-quality set of bars for home use in the UK, then Tumbl Trak is the option for you or if you have a tighter budget Fbsport is a sensible choice.

Tumbl Trak 5 in 1 Bar

The Tumbl Trak home gymnastics bars are distinct from most other options as it has two bars rather than one. This set will cost you in the region of £1,000 but if you are looking for something that will last, it’s money well spent.

tumbl trak bar

Both bars are adjustable from 102cm to 149cm which means the set can be used as uneven bars, a single high bar or even parallel bars.

I also like the fact it is made using the same materials as a bar found in a professional gymnastics facility. Uneven Bars are fiberglass with a wooden veneer to finish and having the same type of bar at home and gym will help young gymnasts practice using good technique.

We use this exact bar at Synergy and it is solid and well made so if it can survive the intensity of hundreds of kids per week, it will do great at home. Bear in mind that a mat is not included.

Fbsport Adjustable Bar

If you are on a lower budget, then Fbsport is my recommended option for gymnastic bars for home use in the UK. The Fbsport adjustable bar folds away so it’s great for storing away when you’ve finished using it.

It’s got 6 contact points with the floor to help with stability and the double lock mechanism reduces the chances of the bar adjusting itself when in use.

Fbsport Bar
Fbsport Adjustable Bar

An Fbsport bar costs a fraction of the price of other big brands and you should be able to pay less than £100 online. Use the code COMPLETEGYMNASTICS for a 10% discount on their website.

Update: The Fbsport bars are only available on Amazon and not on their official website.

Best Air Track UK – Air Track Factory

Air Track Factory is well known for its high-quality products. They are another brand that I use extensively in the gym and I love to use the inflatable Tricking Floor to teach tumbling.

Our Tricking Floor is 8 meters by 8 meters which is huge and very heavy. At home, I’d recommend at least 5 meters by 1 meter which is long enough for basic skills but it won’t take up too much storage space. This will cost in the region of £450 and is sold through Gym Aid in the UK (lots of big companies sell through more local distributors)

air track factory UK

Best Alternative – WelandFun

If your budget doesn’t stretch to Air Track Factory, a cheaper alternative is WelandFun which is sold on Amazon. Although the price is around half of a similar-sized Air Track Factory product, the quality is still very good.

Customer reviews on Amazon are around 4.5 out of 5 and many customers comment on the durability and quality of the material.

weland fun air track

A 5-meter WelandFun Air Track will cost around £210. There are even cheaper products out there but you will find with the cheapest air tracks the stitching and bounce decrease in quality.

Best Gymnastics Beam UK

If you are based in the UK I recommend Tumbl Trak for balance beams at home. Tumbl Trak is a US company that distributes widely in the UK. They make and sell high-quality equipment used both at home and in professional gym clubs around the world.

Tumbl Trak is not the cheapest but is undoubtedly worth investing in their products if you have the budget.

The Tumbl Trak Brianna Beam is a floor beam made to feel exactly like a beam in a professional gym. In fact, I use one in the gym to teach basic beginner beam skills before gymnasts get up on a full-size beam. A Brianna costs around £260 on Amazon but multiple Brianna’s can be connected to make a full-length Beam.

The Tumbl Trak Laser Beam has brightly coloured lines to help control landings. It costs around £450 on Amazon.

If you are looking for a cheap Balance Beam at home, there are plenty of foldable beams just like the HOMCOM Balance Beam which costs around £35 on Amazon.

homcom beam

Best Cartwheel Mats UK

Cartwheel Mats are great because they show the hand and foot placements clearly for beginner gymnasts. On the reverse, you will often find a hopscotch pattern or a straight beam line printed like the Tumbl Trak Cartwheel Mat pictured, so there are two uses for the same mat.

tumbl trak cartwheel mat

Gymnastics Equipment UK – Best Brands

The following brands of equipment are found in professional gymnastics facilities across the UK. Some will have products suitable for home use whereas others only cater to clubs, leisure centres and schools.

  • Gymnova
  • Continental
  • Tracks 2000
  • My Home Gymnastics
  • Tumbl Trak
  • Air Track Factory
  • Gym Aid
  • Speith
  • Nissen
  • Cannons UK

Cheap Gymnastics Equipment UK

For home gymnastics equipment, lots of people in the UK use Amazon especially to find cheaper prices. Most of the big brands above don’t sell their products on Amazon with the exception of Tumbl Trak and Air Track Factory. The most popular cheap gymnastics equipment on Amazon in the UK is:

Final Thoughts

There are lots of good quality choices for home gymnastics equipment UK. Stick to one of the major brands such as Tumbl Trak or Air Track Factory if you want equipment that will last but be sure to compare similar products on Amazon as you can still purchase good quality for a fraction of the price.