37 Amazing Gymnastics Gifts

gifts for gymnasts

Finding the right gift for a gymnast can be a challenging task, especially when you’re looking for something that perfectly encapsulates their passion for the sport. Whether it’s a birthday, a special occasion, or even just for fun, choosing the right gift will not only delight but also enhance their gymnastics journey and can make all the difference.

From practical items that help with training to leotards and motivational books that inspire growth, the world of gymnastics gifts is as diverse as the athletes themselves. That’s why we’ve curated a comprehensive list of 37 gymnastics gift ideas that are sure to make any gymnast flip—literally!

So, if you’re on a quest to discover the ultimate gymnastics gifts that will elevate practice sessions or simply bring a smile to a gymnast’s face, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s leap into these fantastic gymnastics gift options.

The Best Gifts for Gymnasts

1. Tumbl Trak Laser Floor Beam. Practice jumps, leaps, rolls and walkovers without the fear of falling from a height. Tumble Trak equipment is very well made and is found in professional gym facilities around the world.

laser floor beam gift

2. Tumbl Trak 5-in-1 Gymnastics Bar. Our favorite set of bars for home use because of the ability to switch between uneven bars, parallel bars, a single bar, double bars or be used to support mats.


3. Fbsport Air Track. An Air Track is a must-have for home practice, especially tumbling and acrobatic skills. Fbsport sells great quality Air Tracks in a range of colors and sizes. Use the code completegymnastics for a 10% discount at checkout on their website.

fb sport air track

4. Dollamur FLEXI-Roll® Mat. A gymnastic mat is ideal for practicing floor skills. The Flexi-Roll mat isn’t sprung but it does look and feel exactly like a professional gymnastics floor. The clever design means it can be rolled away into a small package when not in use.

flexi roll mat

5. Incline or Wedge Mat. An incline helps gymnasts practice rolls, walkovers and other skills that need a bit of extra momentum to turn over. Combine an incline with a gymnastics mat at the bottom for extra practice space.

incline mat

6. Cartwheel Mat. Learning how to cartwheel properly is super important in gymnastics. A cartwheel mat will help visualize the hand and feet placement on a soft landing. The Z-Athletic cartwheel mat also has a beam line on the reverse which is super handy.

z athletic cartwheel mat

Gifts for a Gymnastics Workout

7. Stretching Strap. A stretching strap for gymnasts will help them improve flexibility and reduce the chances of injury. This CTRL stretching snap also comes with a guide and carry bag.

CTRL Stretching strap

8. Balance Board. A balance board is a great way to develop core strength and improve muscle strength. I prefer boards with a rubber surface as they prevent the feet from slipping.

9. Ankle Weights. Ankle weights add extra resistance during workouts. The extra weight will help develop strength and burn calories.

10. Weighted Medicine Ball. A medicine ball can be used to develop strength across all areas of the body.

11. Foam Roller. A foam roller is a great way to massage muscles, especially deep muscle groups. When used regularly it will reduce the chance of injuries and increase flexibility. This version from 321 Strong comes with a free e-book guide.

foam roller

Books for a Gymnast

12. Flying High, The Story of Simone Biles. Flying High is the story of record-breaking gymnast Simone Biles, from her early childhood through to her success as an Olympian.

13. She’s Got This, Laurie Hernandez. Laurie Hernandez is the Olympic gymnast turned author in this inspiring book for gymnasts. The story follows a budding gymnast, Zoe, and all of the ups and downs in the life of a gymnast.

14. I’ve Got This, Melisa Torres. Trista has just enrolled in gymnastics, follow her story as she battles to make the team.

15. Courage to Soar, Simone Biles. This is the official autobiography of Olympic gold medallist, Simone Biles. Her early life was not easy and included time in foster care. Find out how she overcame many obstacles to become the G.O.A.T.

Gifts a Gymnast Can Wear

16. Obersee Girl’s Girls Gymnastics Leotard – Abby Purple. Every gymnast needs a leotard that looks amazing! Obersee has a really wide range of cool-looking leotards. My favorite is the Abby Purple one below. The fabric is made of great quality and gives gymnasts a full range of motion when they are training.

Obersee Girl's Girls Gymnastics Leotard - Abby Purple

17. United All Around Leotard. If you prefer slightly less expensive leotards on Amazon, United All Around is a great choice. For around $30 you can pick up a design like the Flower design below.

18. Love Gymnastics Hoodie. If you are looking for something to keep you warm then this hoodie could be for you. The loose-fitting is ideal for wearing during warm-ups.

19. Gymnastics Jacket. If you prefer a jacket to wear to gymnastics then this could be for you. It’s made with a choice of glitter on the design…. everyone loves glitter!

20. This is my handstand T-Shirt.

21. JANT Gymnastics Sweatpants. Sweatpants are great for traveling to the gym or even warming up on a cooler day. These sweatpants have pockets too.

Gifts for a Gymnast

22. Gymnastics Duvet Cover Set. A duvet cover with a gymnastics image is perfect for a gymnast’s bedroom. This cover comes in a range of sizes and is super comfy.

bedding cover

23. Sleep Gymnastics Pillowcase. After a hard training session at the gym, this pillowcase is the perfect place to rest your head.

24. Tumble, Flip and Twirl Wall Art. Gymnastics wall art is perfect for gymnasts of any age. It’s a great way to add a finishing touch to a gymnastics-themed bedroom.

25. Gymnastics Wall Stickers. Gymnastics wall stickers are another great way to personalize a gymnast’s bedroom. These vinyl stickers can be applied to most smooth surfaces.

26. 3D Artistic Gymnast Night Light. A gymnastics night light is a really cool way to light up a bedroom at night. Gymnasts will love this night light as it switches between seven colors using a remote control.

gymnastics night light

27. Gymnastics Rug. A gymnastics rug is a great addition to any gymnast’s bedroom floor.

28. Gymnastics Curtains. Gymnastics curtains complete the dream bedroom for a gymnast!

29. Gymnastics Medal Hanger. Every successful gymnast needs somewhere to hang their medals. A gymnastics medal hanger makes I even more special.

Gymnastics toys and games

30. Fantastic Gymnastics Game. This game is so much fun and will keep the kids hooked for hours. Aim to get the perfect 100-score by landing the gymnast on his feet.

31. Fantastic Gymnastics Vault Challenge. The Vault version of the Fantastic Gymnastics games challenges you to flip the gymnast over the vault and stick the landing.

32. Barbie Gymnast. This will inspire young gymnasts as it has all the pieces for a beam routine with coach Barbie and her young gymnast. The launch pad at the end will flip the gymnast into her dismount.

33. Team USA Doll Clothes Set. A realistic doll’s outfit is perfect for any aspiring gymnast. This Emily Rose set is suitable for 18-inch dolls and comes with a leotard, mat and medal

Gymnastics Accessories Gifts

34. Scrunchies. Scrunchies are essential for all gym bags! Keep long hair tied back with a cool gymnast-inspired scrunchie.

35. Gymnastics Mug. A super cool coffee mug that says it all… ‘I Love Gymnastics.’

36. Gymnastics Drawstring Bag. A drawstring bag is ideal for packing those essentials for gym practice.

37. Gymnast Duffel Bag. A Gymnast duffel bag is ideal if you need that bit more space packing for gym practice. This bag has a cool sequin pattern and a zipper to keep all of your gym gear safe.

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