Gymnastics Equipment Brands: Where Are They Each Made?

Gymnastics equipment brands

Gymnastics equipment brands play a crucial role in providing the gear that helps athletes from beginners to elite levels. With the market constantly evolving, new and innovative brands are emerging, offering a wide range of products catering to diverse gymnastic needs.

Where equipment is made can say a lot about its quality. It’s also nice to know if your stuff is made in the USA. We have focused on the companies that manufacture the equipment… some companies will also use products from these manufacturers and simply rebrand them with their own logos.

All of these brands are listed alphabetically.

What are the Best Gymnastics Equipment Brands?

The professional gymnastics equipment market is dominated by a handful of brands, most of which will supply major championships with equipment. This level of equipment has to be approved by the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG).

The best brands include:

  • Gymnova
  • Speith
  • AAI
  • Continental
  • Nissen
  • Tumbl Trak

Some of these brands also supply the home gymnastics market however, there are also a number of brands that only specialize in these smaller types of products. The best brands include:

  • Air Track
  • Air Track Nordic
  • Fbsport
  • EZ Glam.

Read on to discover more about each of the gymnastics equipment brands.

Air Track

Air Track (US) is based out of San Diego, California and the factory manufactures products that are sold across North America. They also repair and service inflatable products in the same factory.

This is a sister company of Air Track Factory which is based in Europe (see below).

The Air Track store on Amazon is worth checking out if you want high-quality inflatable gymnastics mats. Pretty much all of the other air tracks on the market are based on the original Air Track product design!

Air Track Factory

Air Track Factory is the European name for Air Track and their products are made in the Netherlands. They have been in business for over 30 years and are regarded as early pioneers of the Air Track.

Air Track Factory now stocks equipment for Cheerleading, Tricking and Parkour as well as gymnastics.

Their Air Tracks come with an impressive 5-year warranty. Our gym uses multiple Air Track Factory products and speaking from experience, you will probably not need to use the warranty as they are very well made.

air track tricking floor

Air Track Nordic

Air Track Nordic makes its products in Finland. They are a newer company but offer premium quality inflatable tracks which is very similar to Air Track Factory.

Their home products have a wide range of colors and have excellent customer feedback online.

Air Track Nordic offers a two-year warranty on their products.

American Athletic Inc (AAI)

American Athletics Inc has continuously made its products at its plant in Jefferson, Iowa since being founded in 1954. They have a prestigious history in manufacturing every type of gymnastics apparatus, training aids and mats.

AAI continues to supply equipment to top events around the world which has included the Olympic Games, World Championships and the USA National Championships. AAI apparatus is tested and approved by the FIG.

In 2004 AAI was acquired by Russell Brands LLC which also owns Spalding® basketball equipment.


Continental produces gymnastics equipment from its base in Yorkshire, England. They are well established with over 50 years of experience in producing world-class apparatus which is also approved by the FIG. Most of their products are designed for professional gym facilities however they do sell some air products and training aids suitable for home use.

As well as gymnastics they also manufacture products for a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports.

We have used Continental at our gym to supply mats, a trampoline and a Double Mini Trampoline (DMT). Continental also supplied us with a set of uneven bars made by Speith as they are official sellers for Speith in the UK.

speith gymnastics equipment bars

All of the equipment has been very well made and lasts a long time. It’s also easy to replace worn-out parts, for example, the trampoline beds because Continental has a huge catalog of spares.


Dollamur makes its products from its base in Fort Worth, Texas as well as a factory in China for international customers. They specialize in matting including Flexi-Roll which is hugely popular in gyms around the world.

They also manufacture mats for a number of other indoor sports including wrestling and martial arts.

Dollamur Mat

Dollamur mats come with very good warranties.


Eurotramp produces trampolines in Weilheim, Germany. The company was founded over 60 years ago by Kurt and Rose Hack and Eurotramp developed into a world leader in the trampoline market.

Eurotramp has supplied the trampoline used at the Olympic games on five separate occasions, including in Tokyo 2021.

Their products are predominantly for indoor use in professional gym facilities.

EZ Glam

EZ Glam is based in New York but we don’t think any manufacturing takes place there. The website doesn’t specify the origin of their products but based on the pricing, many would assume manufacturing happens in China. (Please contact us if anyone can confirm this information).

They are focused on selling products for home use which are mainly inflatable tracks. EZ Glam also sells balance beams and bars for home use. Online feedback about their products is excellent.

EZ Glam also sells through Amazon but are they any good?


Fbsport manufactures products in China however, they have warehouses in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia. Fbsport is relatively young being founded in 2017 but they have already grown into a well-known brand that supplies a wide range of very good quality air products.

Their website is excellent and easy to use. Read a full review of FbSport here.

Visit and use the code CompleteGymnastics for a 10% discount at checkout.


Gibson Athletic makes and distributes products from Denver, Colorado. Founded as Gibson Gymnastics by Gary and Holly Gibson over 35 years ago, the company was acquired by Brian and Tamara Smith in 2005.

Gibson Athletic sells a wide range of gymnastics equipment and specializes in grips as well as ballet and parkour products. They also sell other brands such as Dollamur and AAI.


GMR is based in Lithonia, Georgia in the USA. They manufacture a range of apparatus themselves including the trademark Ten-O grips for artistic gymnasts.

GMR also stocks a number of other brands including AAI, Dollamur and Speith.

A lot of the apparatus is designed for professional gym installation however they do sell a range of equipment suitable for home use.


Gymnova manufactures equipment at their factory and HQ in France but also has bases in the UK, the USA and Switzerland.

A market leader for numerous years, Gymnova makes equipment for all types of gymnastics and supplied the 2009 World Championships and 2012 Olympic Games. All of the products meet FIG standards and can be found in professional gyms, including ours, all over the world.

Gymnova sells a number of inflatable products and mini apparatus that are suitable for home use. They are not cheap but you are guaranteed great quality products.

Gymnova offers a 2-year warranty on their products.


Gym-Trix products are made in Hurst, Texas. Gym-Trix was founded in 1984 by Wally Eyman and Bart Wyman.

As well as producing their own equipment, they also sell other top brands including AAI. They offer innovative solutions and also completely fit-out gym facilities. They don’t offer products that are particularly suitable for home use.


Janssen-Fritsen makes their equipment in the Netherlands. Founded over 50 years ago they specialize in PE and sports hall installations but their gymnastics equipment has also been used in Olympic games.

We use a set of free-standing uneven bars which are made to full-size FIG standards and they are excellent.

janssen fritsen uneven bars

Janssen-Fritsen sells products around the world through approved dealers in various countries. Their products are aimed at professional facilities rather than home use.

Niels Larsen

Niels Larsen currently manufactures equipment in Leeds, England. The history of the company can be traced back to 1893 when the company was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark. A subsidiary was opened in Leeds in 1907 and is considered to be the start of gymnastics equipment manufacturing in the UK.

Niels Larsen was taken over in 1971 by the Sutcliffe group of companies that retained the Larsen brand. However, in 1995 a management buy-out of the gymnastics manufacturing section of the company meant that Niels Larsen was once again an independent company.

Niels Larsen mainly caters to schools and recreational-level apparatus. We love the Gym Time range for our kindergarten-aged children in our gym club.

gym time equipment

Nissen Leisure Limited

Nissen manufacture trampolines in Essex, England. The company namesake is George Nissen the American inventor of the world’s first-ever trampoline.

The founding father of Trampolines did set up a factory in Essex in 1956, however, this closed down in the 1980s.

The current Nissen Leisure Limited is not, as far as we know, directly linked to the previous factory setup by George Nissen.

Norbert’s Athletics Products Inc

Norbert’s equipment is produced from their factory in Gardena, California.

They produce equipment for professional gyms, especially in the USA. They also stock products from Tumbl Trak that are great for home use.

PE Redskaber

PE-Redskaber is based in Denmark and manufactures a lot of equipment suitable for the Team Gym discipline.

The equipment is very high quality, especially the inflatable products and trampettes.

Perfect Landing

Perfect-Landing manufacture equipment from Minneapolis in the USA. They are passionate about producing their equipment in the USA and have specialist sewers, wood fabricators and an industrial vinyl spray booth.

Perfect-Landing is owned by its parent company American Converters, Inc (Amcon) which also has over 40 years of experience in foam fabricating. They focus mostly on mats and foam training aids rather than artistic apparatus.

PG Foam

PG Foam is based in Surrey, England and manufactures mats, foam blocks and pits.

We have used PG Foam as they produce mats at a lower cost than the bigger companies in the UK. The quality is great and they will make mats to pretty much any custom size. If you’re looking for good-quality mats for home use, PG Foam is highly recommended by us.


Resilite has been manufacturing a huge range of mats in the USA since 1959. Originally a producer of wrestling mats, they now also specialize in Gymnastics and Cheer. Resilite uses premium quality materials and their products are found in professional facilities all over the US.

They also sell folding mats, foam beams, incline mats and other products that can be used for home gymnastics. Resilite is a family-owned business.


Speith gymnastics equipment is made in the Stuttgart region of Germany. Speith has a long and prestigious history that can be traced as far back as 1831, originally as a carpenter’s shop.

It wasn’t until 1953 that Rudolf Spieth and Richard Reuther started manufacturing gymnastics apparatus. Over the past 60 years, the company has become a world leader in gymnastics and has supplied equipment at multiple Olympic games.

Speith mainly supplies schools and gymnastics clubs around the world but they also manufacture inflatable air tracks for home use. They also sell the Simone Biles signature collection of beams and mats for home use.

Taishan Sports

Taishan Sports is a leading Chinese manufacturer founded in 1978. Originally a family-run business it is now a global player in the sports equipment market. Taishan Sports has supplied multiple Olympic games, Asian Games and other international events.

Taishan Sports also sells an extensive range of Air products and mini apparatus suitable for home use.

Tumbl Trak

Tumbl Trak make some products in the USA but they also have a factory in China. Tumbl Trak is a very well-known brand supplying both home gymnasts and professional gymnastics facilities.

The Tumbl Trak HQ is in Michigan but they also have offices in Washington state and the UK.

tumbl trak equipment

I am a big fan of their products and the effort they put into producing video tutorials and training tips. If you are considering purchasing equipment for home use, Tumbl Trak is a great place to start.

Most big distributors such DGS and The American Gym (TAG) sell Tumbl Trak products. They also have a store on Amazon.

USA Gym Supply

USA Gym Supply manufactures equipment in Kansas, USA. With over 40 years of experience, the company has a reputation for excellent quality and customer service.

The USA Gym Supply range focuses on matting, flooring and foam training aids. If you are looking for foldable mats for home use, USA Gym Supply is a good choice.

Z Athletic

Z Athletic produces its equipment in China. They have headquarters in Indiana, USA but products are not manufactured in the US.

According to the Z Athletic website, they have employees stationed in China to oversee the manufacturing process.

Z Athletic primarily sells products for home use through Walmart and they also have an Amazon store. Most products have at least a two-year warranty.

FAQs About Gymnastics Equipment Brands

Q: What should I consider when choosing a brand for gymnastics equipment?

Key factors include the equipment’s safety features, adjustability for different skill levels, durability, and the specific training needs of the gymnast.

Q: Can home gymnastics equipment be used for professional training?

Yes, many brands offer equipment that is suitable for both home and professional training, with features that cater to various skill levels and gymnastic disciplines.

Q: How important is brand reputation in selecting gymnastics equipment?

Brand reputation is important as it often reflects the quality, safety, and reliability of the equipment. Established brands with positive reviews or those supplying major competitions are generally a safer choice.