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What is Tricking? (Answered)

Have you ever watched someone effortlessly blend martial arts, gymnastics, and dance into a breathtaking display of flips, kicks, and twists? That’s the art of tricking, an acrobatic discipline that’s as much about creative expression as it is about physical prowess. Key Takeaways What is Tricking? Tricking, or martial arts tricking, is an innovative and …

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an adult gymnastics class

9 Compelling Benefits of Gymnastics for Adults

Embarking on a gymnastics journey isn’t just for children or elite athletes. Adults, too, can reap a myriad of benefits from this versatile sport. Whether you’re looking to enhance physical fitness or find a new hobby, gymnastics offers something unique. Here are nine key benefits that adult gymnastics provides. 1. Enhanced Flexibility: Stretch Your Limits …

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Synergy Gymnastics Team Gym

Double Competition Success

July has been a busy period for many of our competitive gymnasts and also a very successful one! The highlights have included a win at the British Team Gym Championships for the Junior boys team and a gold medal for Ruben in Tumbling at the Scalabis Cup in Portugal. Head Coach Levent Charles spoke to …

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